This is my favorite shot from the photo story I styled back in January in Zagreb. I know, a bit late with posting : ) loving this gold vest.

Model aka Miss Loveliness: my dear friend and actress Marta Cerovecki
PhotoMartina KenjiStyling & Art DirectionMe (Martina Cilic)ClothesBoudoir


Wonderful, wonderful day I spent with my girls. Thank you M.s & A. I’m in Zagreb for a while, forgive my lack of posting but I’ve been sooo busy : )).
Today we went to BAZAAR and I got back with a bag of goodies -this pink skirt included. I’ve got
no intention of buying anything, I was there for a pre-lunch hang-out, but Ana spotted some crazy good stuff for me (thanks, babe) and I was like …  …OH! OOoo …..
More pics soon.

Enjoy your weekend!

image: Ann The Queen

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This capture is from our sunday shoot back in January when I was in Zagreb.
More soon, I promise.

Model aka Miss Loveliness: my dear friend and actress Marta Cerovecki;
Photo: Martina Kenji; Styling & Art Direction: Me (Martina Cilic). Dress: Boudoir

Thank you so much darlings xx

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Feels great being in Zagreb these days and the best is yet to come. I’m very busy today, as you can see. I have a lot of wining and dining to do and many friends and family to meet. What else are holidays for?! Hope you’re enjoying yours.

image: photo by Ivy C.

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