Adorable, shiny, better than candy and pizza, J.Crew SHOE collection and the evenly  adorable film called Shiny Ponies where you can see this delightfulness in the making. You’re gonna be instantly in love in many of them, if not all. Thanks Ana for the video tip and as for you – you’ve been warned.

And there is more. The best part and a very smart move is they are a click away right about now. Click on J.Crew.

Remember that you’ve been warned – twice : )

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Dusty rose flats spotted at Giambattista Valli show. Want them!

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Another great collection for Céline, not that I’ve doubted. Phoebe Philo’s magic was somewhat more feminine, fluid and softer in shapes, many skirts than usual but still it was Céline’s signature. Beautiful color palette that evokes touch, comfort and you just want to be hugged by every piece. In fact, some do that – literally.

And note THE SHOES (BOOTS)! Yes, the next fall – IT boots!
Note these bags, also.

As you can see on those two last pics above, there were some plaid, nicely done but I’m just not that into them. But if you are or just need to see more, click on or 


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PRADA FW 13/14

Seems to me that Miuccia Prada played her greatest hits at the show yesterday. You know – favorite numbers arranged in different manner than before?! And this time even better than before. I love the fact that she did it her way.

What else she said: sexy – feminine-grown-up-movie-heroine sexy (just to be clear), urban, modern add-ons (sunnies, shoes), dash of gold or silver or embellishment as a contrast to thickness of wool fabrics and not to wash your hair. HEAR, HEAR!

And the DETAILS!!


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