How about those gloves! Showpiece by Anne Sofie Madsen

Well, my love for sequins is eternal so no comment on that but I love those white shoes from Vagabond.

Get inspired! I certainly will. Hope you`re having a fine week.

Styling credits: Dorothea Gundtoft.
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It was all about Kate yesterday as my Instagram friends have informed me. It was her birthday. Seems kinda odd saying happy b day to someone I don’t know, but Cheers! anyway.

So it’s not all about Kate today. I came across an old issue of American Vogue this morning (remember, September issue, Kate’s wedding and all) and while I was waiting on my man to finish his phone conversation I took a peek: that coat awww…  I love it, I want it.

I’ve been thinking about getting something similar for years but seasons change too fast and there’s always something more useful to buy. But, actually this one (from Rodarte) or any other sequin, brocade, jacquard coat can be really useful… well, for a lifetime.
You just need one flamboyant coat to make the whole look special and add some life in this winter-dull wardrobe.

Are you with me on that one?

Today is about someone I know – my friend Sabina.
Happy Birthday, sweetie.


Excuse my sparkling-glitter-craziness this morning. To be honest, it’s not only this morning – I’m a sucker for glitter-sparkles-sequin anything but this morning I have a good excuse. I’m surrounded by whiteness of snow and it’s too much of a slow-motion mood for me so I reach for something to shake me up. I think it could work, just need to stare at these pics longer, maybe some Florence + The Machine tune will help.

I’ve got no intention of blinding you.

Have a great Sunday!

images: first - (shot by Jeff Hahn), the last one by Sanjin Kastelan

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Festive season is sneaking upon us and we can’t hide from it (though I sometimes wish to). In this pre-festive time I’m much more excited about all the get-togethers, twinkle lights and cinnamon scented air. I love our family Christmas but I’m hardly a fan of a New Year`s Eve.

But, whatever your festive mood is, hope these pics will bring you some inspiration. Remember, it’s a fine excuse to get a new dress.

As for my love for the sequins: wear it all the time. I prefer to team it with more casual attire to add some sparkle in a dressing up daily routine.

Dazzle, dazzle… just be reasonable in the office and limit the glittering part to details, you don’t want to blind your colleagues : )

images: last two: me with golden wrist warmers and gorgeous Marta in a divine Boudoir dress; Kate Moss – Getty; others – random

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