Give your Doc MARTENS a new spin

For us, 90′s-high-school-generation aka 30 + now, wearing Doc Martens was a thing – then. What happens when one wants it to be the thing – now, and many do, but with the avoiding of looking as high-school-smells-like-a-teen-spirts-kidz (of course) or to be the the part of the punk embodiment trend now days?! (The MET Gala punk theme would suffice for this year).

Here is how to look styled, age-appropriate and not feel like hurrying to Nirvana concert:

You got it?! Tailored, cut, refined, keep it mono-styled when wearing with pants, all-black or other dark tones – if you are looking for sophistication. Also, those straight-cut mid-length skirt – color-or dark (post below) would do the trick – wear it with some fine chunky knit.

My fave of all Dr. Martens are those on the last pic that my bestie Ana bought yesterday. Really looks great, Ana! : )

Other shiny styles and the whole realm of Dr. Martens, see here.

INFO: editorial from Vogue Paris



More Paris fashion thanks to the fabulous Dries Van Noten, my absolute favorite show. Feminine sheer prints + knits + manly cuts + rock vibe + sprinkle of metallic, all mixed and matched in layers. Makes you wonder who can put these things together and make it look so good and new. Casual elegance never looked better.

Do you like it? Honestly, I don’t care : ) ’cause I love it.



Black and white for spring?! I don’t mind as long as it looks like this. Sorry for a late Paris post. Shows are over but it’s gonna be a long wait till spring. Here is Paris selection, SS 2013





I’m going to pretend that I’ve never seen these fury duck feet at Celine show due to wonderful pieces above. I’ve not seen such beautiful and simple dresses in a long time. And no comment on a naked feet shoes either.

Charming. Wonderful as always. I am a big fan.

I don’t think of myself as frilly type, but I would SO wear this.

Have your say. What would you like to wear this spring?


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