Beautiful Saturday in Aarhus. I’ve been wanting to finally give it a spin or 5 (looong day) to these boots (never heard of the brand before) even it was a quite of a challenge considering cobbled Aarhus’ streets. But these were never-been-worn and yet I bought it this winter. Typically me.

On a note of cobbled streets: I finally decipher why sneakers are the daily uniform obligatory. It is almost impossible to walk in anything else if you are in any kind of running-errands-having-a-busy-day.
As for the brand of aforementioned footwear (for those who are not residing in Denmark) wildly popular or unavoidable are: white Reebok, Nike Air-max, New Balance (dark colors), Converse (classical non-colors and lately ruby red). Will take some photos next time.

Two days till Friday… hope you are enjoying this week.

Clothes: scarf (thank you, girls – love it so) and cardigan – ZARA, Boyfriend jeans – H&M, mens bag – Sisleybelt- FURLA (kiss to J.), sunnies - Sheriff&Cherry, bootsBullboxer

*2nd meaning 2nd outfit post – still having issues with the selfies-look-at-me-photos league : )

images: photos by A.

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