ME ON Buro 24/7

Apparently, they think I got style. See the whole story on  Buro24/7  and some pics below.


Thank you Buro 247, Tina Bacic, John Pavlish (love the photos) – fun times!!! Also, thanks to the lovely ladies at Vesmasina.

FYI: Some clothes are mine and some we borrowed from Vesmasina (and I just had to buy some too : )). Worry not, they’ve got a web shop, click on Vesmasina.




Classic-wear-everywhere pieces with an edgy-tomboy-kinda styling this time and some more feminine looks as always with a modern-urban touch.

Have a peek in NEW MANGO LOOKBOOK.

I love their pants – been buying and wearing them for years. Very good fabric quality
and cut, I totally recommend.

image: mango



Didn’t think I’d buy anything stripey but I wanted a cropped top and mono white or a black one seemed boring since I already have so many items in just said colors, actually not colors… Whatever. Great cut and fine fabric that feels soft to skin. Ridiculous price.

Go on MANGO SALE is up to 50%


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Can be bought on MANGO. Just it and it’s free delivery over 250DKK.

I’m waiting for mine. Check out some other summer holiday goodies on MANGO.

image from mango summer 2013 catalogue

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