Having a real job in fashion pretty much means that you don’t have the time for your virtual one as you have witnessed here lately.
There’s also a real afterwork life (or what is left of it) to live or whatever other word we use that describes half-living, couch-hanging, smooching around house until in my case I pass out very early to bed. I think I find this going-early-to-bed necessity the greatest defeat of my life at the moment.

Looking for fashion inspiration has a whole new meaning now so is wearing basics aka jeans/pants and something black on top which happens in half-dark at 6 something in the morning (you get the early-bed routine, now)
Also hours of frivolous pic-looking (an exquisite waist of time, as I used to call it) are no longer on the menu. I allow myself these escapades only on weekends, but just for a couple of hours.

s i g h …

Due to all new changes, yes, be careful what you wished for, I’ve decided to take all of the blog going-ons on my Facebook page for a while. I’ll be posting there daily, even more than one post per day, If you can believe that.


As usual, you can follow me on all these places:
Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter (see at you right)


Thanks to friends and followers for reading and looking these pages.

Let’s see what happens next…



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ME ON Buro 24/7

Apparently, they think I got style. See the whole story on  Buro24/7  and some pics below.


Thank you Buro 247, Tina Bacic, John Pavlish (love the photos) – fun times!!! Also, thanks to the lovely ladies at Vesmasina.

FYI: Some clothes are mine and some we borrowed from Vesmasina (and I just had to buy some too : )). Worry not, they’ve got a web shop, click on Vesmasina.



Looong WEEKend

I’m taking some time off, not just a weekend, more like a week (hence capitals in WEEKend).

For those of you in need of daily inspiration, worry not – your dose would be served. I’ll be posting on Facebook and you can check up on my Pinterest page too.

Time to get some sleep, gotta plane to catch tomorrow. Hello, Zagreb!

Have a wonderful week!

image: visualoptimism

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Well, that was pretty much my action yesterday in Aarhus. It was even more shopping-walking-look-around tours with a final destination to Burger Joint (best burgers in Aarhus and fries and the homemade lemonade, pity they don’t serve alcohol) where we devoured our food and taking pics was the last thing on my mind.

Here is something little that my darling got it for me at COS, I think he was pretty much sick of the hair band I was wearing as a bracelet.

More stuff from COS, I got and I can’t resist their so-comfortable underwear.

Clothes: weekday top (from last year – it’s like wearing a second skin), sliver pants - H&M (also a year before),
sunnies - Sheriff&Cherry, NIke Sneakers – from couple of years before similar here on Nike

The skirt here on pic is from TOPSHOP – have a look.

images: M. & A.


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