Cosy knits (more about that soon)   ♦  GOLD on my feet, well, gold everywhere if I’m the case  ♦ big jewelry – if you wear it let them see it  ♦  sequin dresses  ♦  kimonos -all the patterns, colors, in fact all things maximal

Enjoy your week!



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Well, it should’ve been a clubbing some nights ago at the coast on island Pag BUT!

We didn’t like the music at all – more disturbing and not fun or dancing kind, not even hearing-possible; the whole beach crowded with strange people, wouldn’t go into details, and the more I stood there in awe the more sight looked like some Mad-Max-Shibuya-garish-lights movie set crash. Okay, not my scene – obviously! … and we were drinking (moderately, of course). Anyway …

Anyway, I wanted to show you this mad piece of jewelry but I simply couldn’t do it before pouring my heart out to you on this hopefully-once-in-a-lifetime episode, sorry.

This bird-wing-shape earring that I’m wearing is by Trska Jewelry. I bought it long time ago at Bazaar in Zagreb (remember this pink skirt - hmmm… that was actually the only time I’ve wore it.. ah, life … I will) but I never remembered to snap some photos while wearing this birdie-thing. So there it is – one more almost-the-same pic of me.

Yes, it comes in pairs but I never wear any earrings in pair especially these big and distinctive-like. It’s light to wear since it’s copper-made, which I love and the size is just right!

More Trska Jewelry pics and contact, you can find it here.

fyi: black top is from COSHence the flash, It looks so see-through but it’s not.

images: Miki – thank you darling for pics and for sharing the same sentiment that night


And it’s the same every day. Maybe less of the items but I don’t change it at all and this is for this summer. Weird thing or lazy one could say… but I like it that way.

INFO: handmade copper ring (my right hand, with letter A on it, bought this summer in Mostar), wooden ring (bought million years ago in Hvar, I wear it for 7 years .. more); on my left hand: copper bracelet from Mostar, goldie one is some India-shop stuff I bought 10 years ago; on my right hand: black hairband and tiny silver bracelet; sunnies as usual: Sheriff & Cherry.

image by me. ::::: shot today while shopping eyewear with my mum : ) eyewear for her. very quick she was.


I’ve never got around to post about add-ons – jewelry, scarfs, bags, belts etc. and yet I’m a huge fan and practitioner. Add-ons makes difference and are those unique-special touches that points to a personal style.

The idea of the permanent ones is really tempting to me.

images: collage by me; details see, my pinterest style board

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