Sunday Mood :: VOGUE CHILLIN’

Time also flies doing nothing… while chilling, I mean. Catching up on my reads (books, magazines, blogs). Love staying-indoor Sundays after holiday-going-arounds, friends-familiy get-togethers.

One more pic from Daria Werbowy, British Vogue September cover girl:

Love her hair here and those rings she is wearing, and her style in general. Not digging the nose ring, though, but…

Do you like her style?!

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Editorial from ELLE Denmark, August 2013.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL - EXACTLY! but not too cool for you. Take it as an inspiration, of course, for work, day wear - no minis at the office unless it says Vogue, Elle etc. on the signage.

I’m loving this editorial and the photography style.
Favorite outfit: the last one but I’m also eyeing on this grey WoodWood sweatshirt (pic before) or something alike.

What’s your pick?!


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And it’s the same every day. Maybe less of the items but I don’t change it at all and this is for this summer. Weird thing or lazy one could say… but I like it that way.

INFO: handmade copper ring (my right hand, with letter A on it, bought this summer in Mostar), wooden ring (bought million years ago in Hvar, I wear it for 7 years .. more); on my left hand: copper bracelet from Mostar, goldie one is some India-shop stuff I bought 10 years ago; on my right hand: black hairband and tiny silver bracelet; sunnies as usual: Sheriff & Cherry.

image by me. ::::: shot today while shopping eyewear with my mum : ) eyewear for her. very quick she was.


I’ve never got around to post about add-ons – jewelry, scarfs, bags, belts etc. and yet I’m a huge fan and practitioner. Add-ons makes difference and are those unique-special touches that points to a personal style.

The idea of the permanent ones is really tempting to me.

images: collage by me; details see, my pinterest style board

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