3.1 Phillip Lim – BIG YES!

There was a coat parade, boot parade, leather pants parade
Yes, those pieces are quite something! Have a look at my faves from one
of my faves:

Coats and pants

The PANTS! and sunnies

The new bag size – practical, pared down with a cool touch
and some knit layers on leather 

And this leather sweatshirt! for me.

I’m not feeling those earrings as an add-on to that look (and some others)
but I wouldn’t sweat it, these can be taken off easily.

What’s your favorite item seen above? I know you like (at least) those
leather pants.

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Betsey Johnson! yesterday

Talking about boosting up your energy – aerobics, colors & champagne!

Bring it on!

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Alas, we can not all be at the fashion circuit there. Without any further a due, see below what caught my yearning-for-some-new-fashion eye.

Creatures Of The Wind

Honestly, I haven’t heard about them before, but the first outfit (top left, here) seemed promising so I gave it a click.

I was instantly in love with all the varieties of shoes, Tabitha Simmons, of course.

As for the aforementioned top left outfit, those pieces are keepers, as I usually love to say, for life. I like how great they look teamed together and yet I would want to wear every one of them in, let’s say, more boyish, every day casual style manner. Also, interesting pattern on the woven top on the right.

On another note: somehow, I cannot ignore that red background. Maybe it’s the light design or something but I’m wondering, with these colors and strong looks in collection, would something less loud be more suitable?!


Some sexy coolitude* at 10 Crosby Derek Lam


Layering plus more layering or as how I like to call it pile-up at BCBG Max Azria show.
Like the concept in general – the urban, yet feminine look, liking the hoodie on the left, but I’m not that crazy about print patterns choices of textile.


Organic by John Patrick

I’ve got just this to say: he’s got it all – simplicity, edge, refinement, freshness.

Yes, I really love this… a lot.

Spotted! Some serious tucking in. Though I really like it, I can only think of how my mum would love this keeping-kidneys-safe trend in fashion. Hmmm, good that I didn’t put those Hello!-Belly-Button looks (a lot of these were there) and two, pants-gone-missing looks, just in case she sees it and then I have to explain it, again: that’s why they call it a SHOW, mum!

Stay tuned for more soon, I’m just gonna go and skype her up. It’s been a while.

Oh, and have a happy Saturday!

* the term borrowed from Garance Dore article

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Fashion Weeks have begun as many of you know - Fall Winter 13/14 (already?!).
New York aka NWFW is the first and judging by what has been presented so far, it’s going to be a veeery exciting fashion journey or, shall I say, fashion marathon.

Many, many moments of SWOON! need to be noted and that’s exactly what I’m going to do here on M. Maybe by the Paris fashion week my spark for the new ins will be diminished. Let’s hope not, but you’ve been warned : )
Anyhow, you are not to be worried, vogue and style dotcom’s spark is gonna shine bright like diamonds though I know I would be hugely missed : )

This is getting too long … and all I really wanted to say is: Since those are the fall winter shows and I finally get in spring-is-knocking-on-our-door mood, I will be posting about that too. Lucky you (more smiles).

Speaking of spring, see more style inspiration in the latest posts here, here and here.

Stay tuned!

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