Simple and pretty. And anything goes, as long as it’s black - from the hardly-seen braid to a much-than-a-proper-box-tape width. Black ads elegance to messy hair and in thinest version emphasizes the minimal look.

Just TIED and GO!

images: or not, cant remember


Dior setting for a HAPPY WKND

Something to gaze at this weekend! Wonderful magic at Dior show yesterday!

images: Giovanna Batglia instagram account and


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Another MUST – SEE!


I would wear those dresses, well, I would wear anything from PRADA SS14 collection. And the more I’m looking at it the more covetable and crazy-desirable it all gets.
How about those coats – divine. And those sport-socks-details – they would be photographed to death in spring editorials.

More Milan Fashion Week picks coming soon.

I’m very aware that Fall is upon us, since pilling up clothes is more of my getting-dressed routine these days and no whitey-light-bared-legs outfits are that much of an interest.
Stay tuned for the-REAL-LIFE-style inspiration, as well.



I have almost no idea which is my RESORT for this year holiday and yet fashion is ready for the Resort, even the Cruise of 2014.
I couldn’t say NO to such readiness so I’ve clicked them all, I think. Partly ’cause I wanted to see what are the next spring/summer tendencies and partly to procrastinate the duty of moving-out packing.
So here is my selection of Cruise collections 2014!


Chloé (my favorite cruise collection)

Now, these are the flats I WOULD WEAR!




Lanvin, quite moody and that much wonderful


Louis Vuitton The dress! loving this look


Nina Ricci light, free & romantic


GivenchyLove this photo!


Alexander Wang
I always fall for this pink shade.


Michael Van Der Ham



Not sure what I liking more – the clothes or the photos. Ah, those good presentations.

Rochas , the dress your eyes cannot miss
If you want more go to my PINTEREST , I’ve been pinning diligently.
And if that’s not enough (which I doubt) or you just want kill time, go to
and see them all. That should probably keep you busy for a half of weekend but who would want that : )
Have a super-great cruising weekend!
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