I’m referring to jeans’ holes you little dirty minds …

What’s with that sadly called a trend I’ve been seeing on streets and on some style bloggers?! Those variations of distressed, ripped jeans and those huge Africa-Europe-Middle East-combined holes that someone just cut it?! I cannot think of a designer or a manufacturer who would do such… are they doing it by themselves?!

Perhaps the worst kind of all and they are very much in retail are those slicey holes which shows off your legs all the way. It reminds me of cut meat prepping for marinade (pic 1)

I cannot see anything appealing in those and what makes it specially repulsive to me when they are styled with such polished pieces – jackets, heels and everything like going to some formal occasions, meetings, work. Ridiculous.

I haven’t seen any woman I deem stylish wearing those kind.

If you want to show off your legs why bother putting a jeans and if you think it provides good ventilation during these hot days – well, something of a lighter material would be surprisingly – even better.

You’ve seen the not stylish examples. I got nothing more to say.

Have your say! Would like to know what you think!

images: pinterest, fashion blogs

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