Dior setting for a HAPPY WKND

Something to gaze at this weekend! Wonderful magic at Dior show yesterday!

images: Giovanna Batglia instagram account and style.com


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Fall 2013 Couture Collections have been presented in Paris these days – not that I’d care what is going on in Paris while I’m here in Zagreb, otherwise.

The new, much modern, today-adapt couture by Dior was a highlight to me. Put like this sounds so magic-deprive but it’s actually not. It is a wonderful oneness of then & now couture in Raf Simmons’ magical interpretation. Applause!

More Couture selection on my Pinterest and the whole package of all things beautiful (maybe you have a lot of time or simply a need or a desire) on vogue.co.uk or style.com

 images: vogue.co.uk

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OH, Dior!


image: #asificanrememberwherefrom 

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I’m not into that black & white stripe trending in fact not much in any kind of
stripe trending.

For me it doesn’t go much further than Adidas and classic Croatian sailor T-shirt
from Galeb, but give me this number from Dior Spring Summer collection and I’ll
be the first to swagger – party or no party to go to.

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