And I think you have to use it. Double benefit if you ask me – not cold and pretty interesting. Options are above. It doesn’t have to be the whole top underneath – on pic down left, me is wearing just sequined wrist-warmers. Play it as you like.

INFO: up-left and down right images – editorial from Vogue Australia, September, 2013 styled by Mark Vassalo, shot by Bruna Kazinoti, make-up: Simona Antonovic. Hello, girls!
The up-right is from Danish Eurowoman.


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SPOTTED: ABC & 123 on the streets

images: Tommy Ton for and



I’ve never got around to post about add-ons – jewelry, scarfs, bags, belts etc. and yet I’m a huge fan and practitioner. Add-ons makes difference and are those unique-special touches that points to a personal style.

The idea of the permanent ones is really tempting to me.

images: collage by me; details see, my pinterest style board

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So what do we have here: white suit details, bows, pleats, a mix of romantic and street style … then oh-so covetable Celine bag and not-that I-would-mind-having leather pants and bracelets I absolutely LOVE!.

Take it what ever you like. What would be your choice?


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