Amazing shot & styling. How about those sunglasses, super-charming, no?!

And there’s more of these bold & beautiful looks.

Harper’s Bazaar China, May 2013


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Didn’t think I’d buy anything stripey but I wanted a cropped top and mono white or a black one seemed boring since I already have so many items in just said colors, actually not colors… Whatever. Great cut and fine fabric that feels soft to skin. Ridiculous price.

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Well, It’s about time I comment on the cropped top trend. You’ve seen it on runaways and in editorials and not that recently on many of the usual fashion pack.

I like the trend depending on how cropped top is, whereabout it’s been worn and how it is incorporated into assembly.

(as seen above)

Simple: Go with not too cropped top and belly covered style wether it’s a skirt or a pants. Adding a jacket would definitely refined the look and you can really wear everywhere without being too flashy or inappropriate but it’s still not office-okay even with a jacket. As for pants try with suit like pants not too tight – it’s not a Flashdance, no tight jeans with cropped tops and heels.

(see below) 

Basically, I have a problem – style wise, of course – with those bra-like items (obviously mistaken for a cropped top) which are worn with nice light spring suits with casually unbuttoned jackets flashing what ya momma gave you. I don’t care if your body is sculpt in the now pilates place and looks fab, save it for a beach or a privacy of your own room .. and no don’t care – it was a fashion week, either.

Or another kind like those bikini triangles, seen in Melbourne during fashion week. I know there is beach in the near but you don’t go there in a leather skirt with jacket and wearing heels.

Also really cropped tops worn with pants or skirts under your midriff with very formal attire for formal occasions – looks a bit dunno ridiculous – like look at my body, I just had a baby but wow! and we are talking about grown up women not 17 years old models.

• • • • • • •

As for a beach, islands – go free. Wear a bathing suit with pants or skirt any kind, shawls… even a ribbon wide enough just to cover your nipples will do for any occasion (almost), just remember to switch when you get back to town to work.

images: 1st – graphics by me – looks: Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Loewe; 2nd-streetstyle /protecting privacy/

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