Alas, some irreparable damage happened with the blog content and the whole month is gone.
So here it is the best of month or at least what I can remember. Some pics are on Facebook
but the link is missing.


Stay tuned M. is going back to normal, hopefully.


ME ON Buro 24/7

Apparently, they think I got style. See the whole story on  Buro24/7  and some pics below.


Thank you Buro 247, Tina Bacic, John Pavlish (love the photos) – fun times!!! Also, thanks to the lovely ladies at Vesmasina.

FYI: Some clothes are mine and some we borrowed from Vesmasina (and I just had to buy some too : )). Worry not, they’ve got a web shop, click on Vesmasina.



Looong WEEKend

I’m taking some time off, not just a weekend, more like a week (hence capitals in WEEKend).

For those of you in need of daily inspiration, worry not – your dose would be served. I’ll be posting on Facebook and you can check up on my Pinterest page too.

Time to get some sleep, gotta plane to catch tomorrow. Hello, Zagreb!

Have a wonderful week!

image: visualoptimism

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Cosy knits (more about that soon)   ♦  GOLD on my feet, well, gold everywhere if I’m the case  ♦ big jewelry – if you wear it let them see it  ♦  sequin dresses  ♦  kimonos -all the patterns, colors, in fact all things maximal

Enjoy your week!



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