About Me

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My name is Martina Cilic. I’m an Art Director, Graphic Designer and Fashion and Image Consultant. Having always had
a strong opinion on fashion, I decided to start a blog of my own; honestly, I finally found the time to do it.

• • •

I spent almost 9 years in advertising as an Art and Creative Project Director on all sorts of projects and brands; some of them were related to fashion. I`ve created campaigns, events, brands. I enjoyed working with professionals in the business and learned a lot.

My independent personal projects in these past few years include:

• owner, creative director, designer of the fashion brand TINIMARTINI:   www.tinimartini.com.hr (see more under press)
• creation and design of wall-graphics in collaboration with architects and interior designers
• textile design for prominent Croatian brand ROBA www.roba.com.hr
• fashion and image consulting; personal and wedding styling and consulting

Somewhere in between I got the Master degree at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb.

• • •

Now I’m splitting time between Zagreb and Denmark or wherever life, love and work takes me.

Hope you will enjoy time spent here.