Ashish SS14

If this ain’t a happy Sunday, I don’t know what is. Ashish is always on my personal favorites list – maybe it has got something to do with my abiding love for sequins but I think it has got more to do with his talent to emblazon antyhing in sequins which then looks super-cool and new at the same time.

It’s pop-street-cool kind of fashion (but what isn’t striving at being that nowadays) but he is fresh in doing it. I would’ve loved those jeans craters to be smaller, though.

:::::♦::::::::::: ♦♦♦ :::::::::::::: ♦♦♦ :::::::::::::: ♦♦♦ ::::::::::::::♦:::::

As you know the fashion flock has moved from New York to London as yet another fashion week starts. Many outfits need to be checked.

For the short, and my personal version of SS14 outfit likes go to THE RUNWAY board on my Pinterest page.



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