All I can think of these days are carefree summer days… beaches, freeing spirit style. In addition to that, every single issue of June fashion magazines is teeming with beautiful summer locations, sun kissed skin, easy layers and boho dresses.

Truth be told those said boho dresses are more in my head than in i.e. British Vogue since boho style is very happening to me every summer holiday. I just like to be more free and wear different things than I usually do. So all those Indian tie-dye blouses, harem pants, wraps, shawls everything is on the menu and a lot of jewellery to that. I like to pile it up because then it truly feels like holiday! and my no-bangs-walk-a-mice-on-an-office-desk days are over at least for a while.

Oh, those dresses are mighty fine and guess what, you can get them here on


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