Inspired by Easter Holidays

I love downtime style, though having a lot of it lately, it’s not much of a frisson to me.
But, as mentioned, Easter Holidays “style” pack I’ve seen (from sloppy to seriously? -eveningwear-at noon style), gave me a push for this post.

Let’s start with what I mean by “days off” style wise. And just to be clear – I’m referring to those no-working-god-bless-them days but when you are in public, town, park among people and you still have to be presentable. So, home-couch-movie-book-free-Sunday-malarky style is not an option.
Think understated cool (is there a new not-worn-out word for cool?!). comfort with a stylish twist. If you’re fuzzy on what comfort is, read more here.
Okay, I’m gonna stop and let you see the pics. Remember to enjoy!

TIP: I love to pilfer from ma man’s closet. It’s like wearing something new with an instant feel-good aura.

Okay, that’s not oh-so presentable, but I’m not from the good-manners police, I’m just
here for the style part of the program.

Never underestimate a magic of red lipstick and a fine hairstyle – polished-looking with the most basic everyday clothes.

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