Here it is – my FIRST outfit post. I’m not very into look-at-me, today-I’m-wearing pics since I know how and don’t need a fuss about it. Additionally, I think that sharing about all kind of fashion going-ons other than your own outfits is more inspiring and useful to other people and this is what this blog is all about.

But still, I decided to do this, partially, I’m blaming my friend Sabina for getting me into publishing those. I guess it’s fine to put yourself out there once in a while (don’t be afraid) since I’m preaching and commenting about style all the time.

So here it is, couple of them – it felt silly putting one outfit as a post at least for now.
And if you are intersted in stuff that I’m wearing, feel free to write to me.

No.1 aka What’s the weather (dis)like?

No.2  Warm pretending, it was really cold and sun tricked me

No.3 aka a girl gotta eat. My Denmark’s favorite – Ristet hot dog

That’s all! Feel free to comment or not : )

photo: A.

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