Dries Van Noten! STRIKING!

Yes, Dries Van Noten is striking, as usual and I love it, as usual. The vibe differs from his spring summer triumph collection, but with a same masculine/feminine aesthetic, thus this time a bit more sophisticated lady is on stage but not less seductive.
I always like to see some new addition, a certain upgrade with a new season.
Silhouette is stronger with define shapes, more stiffed fabrics are used than before and less vibrant colors but at the same time it looks fluid, comfortable and alluring.

He does these dualities so well and maybe, this is the reason we (at least I) love his looks so much: we can finally have the best from both worlds and he makes it look even better.

Let’s not forget the DETAILS!

You must’ve been in love with this collection by the end of the post?! If not, take a look again : )

images: vogue.co.uk 

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