Fashion Weeks have begun as many of you know - Fall Winter 13/14 (already?!).
New York aka NWFW is the first and judging by what has been presented so far, it’s going to be a veeery exciting fashion journey or, shall I say, fashion marathon.

Many, many moments of SWOON! need to be noted and that’s exactly what I’m going to do here on M. Maybe by the Paris fashion week my spark for the new ins will be diminished. Let’s hope not, but you’ve been warned : )
Anyhow, you are not to be worried, vogue and style dotcom’s spark is gonna shine bright like diamonds though I know I would be hugely missed : )

This is getting too long … and all I really wanted to say is: Since those are the fall winter shows and I finally get in spring-is-knocking-on-our-door mood, I will be posting about that too. Lucky you (more smiles).

Speaking of spring, see more style inspiration in the latest posts here, here and here.

Stay tuned!

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