COMFORT, what else?!

I forgot to share this with you. There is always something more new and more now than this but it’s actually essential if not a priority regarding dressing up.

There was a certain post on Garance Doré (my regular blog literature) a while ago on comfort. I love what she’s doing – very inspiring, interesting (always) and you can feel that it’s done with such honesty and commitment.

Back to what I was saying: her post was on COMFORT where she’s naming comfort her priority when choosing an outfit and then comes chicness, coolitude, sexiness.
But she’s dwelling a bit on that saying: if comfort is your priority you’re flirting with laziness. (I’m thinking: Who? Me? Nevah!) You can read it all here.
Further more, she is asking herself how far can she push it since she’s a freelancer and have no wardrobe constrains… (I hear you)

…and ends it with:
How would you negotiate it? What are your priorities when choosing an outfit? Do you put comfort first or are you trying to make a little effort everyday, even if it means being slightly uncomfortable?

So, instead of leaving tonne of words on her comment wall, I’ve decided to take it all here and have a chat with you.

So what are and should be priorities when it comes to choosing an outfit?! 

My opinion is pretty much summed up in a title, but there is more (a whole army of more : ) First, I’m not sure why comfort excludes style, effort or chicness?  I do believe that you can have it all.

But let’s see what I think/believe comfort and chic are and are not.

Too comfortable
I’m not saying that you should walk around like you just got out of bed (literally) in need of a milk for coffee from the store across the street – think trainers, pjs-underwear pants with unwashed hair (example from real life – mine). So, that’s weekend sloppy-hope-no-one-sees-me look and is way too comfortable. So that’s off the list.

Ugg boots are also way too comfortable for my taste: people are saying that are very comfortable and I’m thinking – who and when said that these teddy bear feet are appropriate for work and about town. I’m saying you should only wear them at home or on a ski vacation. It is comfortable, but it’s hardly style, much less chic.

Appropriate for …
When it comes to chic, style or comfort I have to speak about appropriateness regardless of a dress code.
Let’s not get into the whole area of special occasions but focus on work clothes. Certain positions and work environments dictate a certain dress code (or not). With these no dress code jobs, it is left up to people to choose and it can be a bit tricky or amusing (for the spectators (oops!).

I usually say that there is one simple rule for work wear appropriateness: If you can not go to church with what you wearing (even if you’re not a church goer, you know what I’m saying) , you probably can not go to work as well. Usually, it’s not a good every day option either. I’m not saying you get straight to the Sartorialist either but at least you’ll appear polished, professional and avoid some slippery slopes.

What about heels?
Well, I don’t think that wearing heels can get you instant chicness. Kardashians & co. are doing it but last time I checked, they hadn’t had a penchant for chicness. (Those who are now thinking that mentioned ladies are stylish and chic please stop reading this. Thank you.)
Also, I’ve never wore uncomfortable heels. Well, I did about 3 times in my life. The irony is that those are the most gorgeous and expensive pair I own and my footwear closet is far from Carrie Bradshaw’s. But when opting for heels I need to be in the mood for them.

So, what is it all about?
I believe IT’S ALL ABOUT FEELING GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. Just that. I’m not sure how can a person be really in tune with themself, satisfied, happy and be uncomfortable with what they`re wearing.

But what about slightly uncomfortable?
Well, define slightly I’d say. It’s very individual and should stay optional. There are days that I can take anything: I feel like dressing up and those heels would look so amazing, so I take the slightly uncomfortable approach. Slightly: means be able to stand and dance in these heels at least till 2am (if I’m the case).
And there are days that I just don’t feel like dressing up. So I won’t. And on those days best advice I can give you: just wear something decent (still, no Ugg boots), clean, basic colors and pieces, wash your hair and put some blush and a smile.

So, yes, you can have it all. Style, chicness are just a matter of your attitude and your energy (and some wit).

That’s what I believe in and so far it’s working (at least for me : ))


What about you? What are your inner talks in front of the closet?

*On the note: You can have it all; see more here, herehere and here.


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