It was all about Kate yesterday as my Instagram friends have informed me. It was her birthday. Seems kinda odd saying happy b day to someone I don’t know, but Cheers! anyway.

So it’s not all about Kate today. I came across an old issue of American Vogue this morning (remember, September issue, Kate’s wedding and all) and while I was waiting on my man to finish his phone conversation I took a peek: that coat awww…  I love it, I want it.

I’ve been thinking about getting something similar for years but seasons change too fast and there’s always something more useful to buy. But, actually this one (from Rodarte) or any other sequin, brocade, jacquard coat can be really useful… well, for a lifetime.
You just need one flamboyant coat to make the whole look special and add some life in this winter-dull wardrobe.

Are you with me on that one?

Today is about someone I know – my friend Sabina.
Happy Birthday, sweetie.

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