In fact, GREAT beauty IDEAS and not just for tomorrow’s party. Remember, there will be days and parties after 31st, especially if you throw one. Use these hair and make up pics as an inspiration now or save it for grayish moody winter days that usually follow after. Some of these looks are quite right for a day as well.
Just follow my tips.

I never use eyeshadows but now I’m tempted. Really beautiful evening look but I think it works better with tanned skin. As for pale skin evening option see below.

Like this hair and make up too. Simple, yet fresh and seductive.

Bold choice. Love it!

Similar look as these above, but much more paired down. Great day-to-evening look (love those), ponytail included. Pretty, feminine and sophisticated. What more do you need?

If you are tired of classic make up looks, try this Lanvin catwalk style. I like it a lot. It’s for evening look and something less dramatic would be better for day.

And some hairstyle inspiration for long hair. It is harder with long hair than with short, so many options but sometimes many wrong choices. These are self doable (almost all : )), modern and pretty; much more appropriate for evening look but the last one would be great for day look too.

The most important thing is that you feel good about yourself whatever you opt for. Have fun!

images: except the last one (can’t remember)


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