And it’s the same every day. Maybe less of the items but I don’t change it at all and this is for this summer. Weird thing or lazy one could say… but I like it that way.

INFO: handmade copper ring (my right hand, with letter A on it, bought this summer in Mostar), wooden ring (bought million years ago in Hvar, I wear it for 7 years .. more); on my left hand: copper bracelet from Mostar, goldie one is some India-shop stuff I bought 10 years ago; on my right hand: black hairband and tiny silver bracelet; sunnies as usual: Sheriff & Cherry.

image by me. ::::: shot today while shopping eyewear with my mum : ) eyewear for her. very quick she was.


YES! I have to get ready since I realized that I want and need couple of days of sun & sea. I’m going today on island Pag (the easy, quiet part) and I will be enjoying with my friend!

Gotta pack! Enjoy your Sunday!

image: my instagram

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Me, in my neighborhood in Zagreb on Saturday morning, I mean noon, I know it felt like morning. Talking about comfort, ha?! Just getting-some-bread-and-going-to-post-office style.

Hope you are doing well. x

Clothes: Top Shop white cropped T-shirt (from couple of years before), Intimissimi top (it’s underwear actually), pink-leopard belt, boyfriend jeans from H&M (seen before) and my super-big summer-fave white bag from Croatian label Charlie design + Adidas Originals adilette.

image: shot by me

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Super-lovely time in Zagreb as always. This was shot the other day by friend Ana (remember the girl who did that hilarious Met-Ball-style-slapping post here) at my favorite park Zrinjevac which led to proper chat of couple of hours, walk around town, bars, drinks and snacks included. Happy times!

Oh, and for the record I do wear colors – sometimes!

old stuff I found in my apartment here. Shirt that used to be my favorite summer staple for many years, bought in some India-shop in Zagreb million years ago and oldie H&M skirt, Converse and some jewelry.


image: photos by Ana; image collage by me.

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