I have almost no idea which is my RESORT for this year holiday and yet fashion is ready for the Resort, even the Cruise of 2014.
I couldn’t say NO to such readiness so I’ve clicked them all, I think. Partly ’cause I wanted to see what are the next spring/summer tendencies and partly to procrastinate the duty of moving-out packing.
So here is my selection of Cruise collections 2014!


Chloé (my favorite cruise collection)

Now, these are the flats I WOULD WEAR!




Lanvin, quite moody and that much wonderful


Louis Vuitton The dress! loving this look


Nina Ricci light, free & romantic


GivenchyLove this photo!


Alexander Wang
I always fall for this pink shade.


Michael Van Der Ham



Not sure what I liking more – the clothes or the photos. Ah, those good presentations.

Rochas , the dress your eyes cannot miss
If you want more go to my PINTEREST , I’ve been pinning diligently.
And if that’s not enough (which I doubt) or you just want kill time, go to
and see them all. That should probably keep you busy for a half of weekend but who would want that : )
Have a super-great cruising weekend!
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Well, It’s about time I comment on the cropped top trend. You’ve seen it on runaways and in editorials and not that recently on many of the usual fashion pack.

I like the trend depending on how cropped top is, whereabout it’s been worn and how it is incorporated into assembly.

(as seen above)

Simple: Go with not too cropped top and belly covered style wether it’s a skirt or a pants. Adding a jacket would definitely refined the look and you can really wear everywhere without being too flashy or inappropriate but it’s still not office-okay even with a jacket. As for pants try with suit like pants not too tight – it’s not a Flashdance, no tight jeans with cropped tops and heels.

(see below) 

Basically, I have a problem – style wise, of course – with those bra-like items (obviously mistaken for a cropped top) which are worn with nice light spring suits with casually unbuttoned jackets flashing what ya momma gave you. I don’t care if your body is sculpt in the now pilates place and looks fab, save it for a beach or a privacy of your own room .. and no don’t care – it was a fashion week, either.

Or another kind like those bikini triangles, seen in Melbourne during fashion week. I know there is beach in the near but you don’t go there in a leather skirt with jacket and wearing heels.

Also really cropped tops worn with pants or skirts under your midriff with very formal attire for formal occasions – looks a bit dunno ridiculous – like look at my body, I just had a baby but wow! and we are talking about grown up women not 17 years old models.

• • • • • • •

As for a beach, islands – go free. Wear a bathing suit with pants or skirt any kind, shawls… even a ribbon wide enough just to cover your nipples will do for any occasion (almost), just remember to switch when you get back to town to work.

images: 1st – graphics by me – looks: Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Loewe; 2nd-streetstyle /protecting privacy/

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As we all know, THE style-fashion party of the year – The Met Ball 2013 – welcomed and sent off (I assumed) the usual model-designer-star pack. The exhibition theme (yes, there is actually a fashion exhibition not just the dress parade) was PUNK: Chaos to Couture. (see pic above)

I didn’t hobnobb with them (as we all know) but I’ve seen a lot and honestly, was a bit bemused by the outfits (weren’t we all) – shouldn’t they match the theme?! I’ve seen some fairies, princesses, prom queens and queens, ladies in nightgowns and even a couple of children from Woodstock.

I could go on and on as I always have a load of comments on any look, but this time I would gladly give the honor of style-slap to my bestie Ana in the next post.

And from me – just the top 3 favorite looks – style and theme greatly matched:

Sienna Miller in Burberry and Jessica Biel in Giambatistta Valli Couture
Okay, the theme is not that matched with miss Biel, just the style – Valli does amazing red carpet!

And my ultimate favorite look – SJP – this is how it’s done

Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles Deacon ballgown, Philip Treacy Mohican headpiece and tartan over-the-knee boots by Louboutin.

Come on, ladies, don’t be shy – let’s see some comments!

exhibition photos – Instagram accounts from Giovanna Battaglia and Nick Knight Studio

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Miuccia WAS RIGHT!

Apparently, we do need a spacious coat, a fur add-on and gloves for this year’s Spring.
I, per se, do need those dusty rose gloves for whatever season they are made for.

Weather joke aside – though there is all-knowing sadly truth about aforementioned – I LOVE THIS Miu Miu collection. The best one of all Miu Miu collections (in my humble opinion) and one of my special favorites of all SS 13 collections with the remarkable ad campaign (remember?)

See some more of this elegant, seductive, yet über-cool heroine.

And on a fur note. Yes, I would love, looove to have that one to wrap myself in it. I don’t possess the info whether it’s faux fur. Excuse me PETA people, but I want it, anyway.

images: and

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