Apparently… and just to be clear we are talking about clothes, see:

How about that Lanvin dress Freja is wearing?! And I’d like me those Chloé slippers.

Sorry for not posting here lately, been busy-busy, but I do post regularly on Facebook page if you are that much in a style-inspiration need.

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Alas, some irreparable damage happened with the blog content and the whole month is gone.
So here it is the best of month or at least what I can remember. Some pics are on Facebook
but the link is missing.


Stay tuned M. is going back to normal, hopefully.


Looong WEEKend

I’m taking some time off, not just a weekend, more like a week (hence capitals in WEEKend).

For those of you in need of daily inspiration, worry not – your dose would be served. I’ll be posting on Facebook and you can check up on my Pinterest page too.

Time to get some sleep, gotta plane to catch tomorrow. Hello, Zagreb!

Have a wonderful week!

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To pay tribute to all the street style going-ons for the past month, I picked some looks that I liked and I find it wearable, really wearable, throughout day. Not that I don’t like those feathers, bling, minis and all, it’s just – I don’t see it as a very practical everyday option.


Take what you like. Tell me what you think.

images: Tommy Ton for style.com – all but the first