from Isabel Marant and you can get them on 

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Adorable, shiny, better than candy and pizza, J.Crew SHOE collection and the evenly  adorable film called Shiny Ponies where you can see this delightfulness in the making. You’re gonna be instantly in love in many of them, if not all. Thanks Ana for the video tip and as for you – you’ve been warned.

And there is more. The best part and a very smart move is they are a click away right about now. Click on J.Crew.

Remember that you’ve been warned – twice : )

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Want like these? Well, not exactly these from Dries Van Noten but very similar style and the price will put an instant smile on your face.

Check it out ZARA and ZARA  again. I have. See : )


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Say Hello! to these eye candy suuuper sunnies from Sheriff&Cherry. I’ve got black ones and it’s time for another pair! They are handmade and are the most comfortable sunglasses I’ve ever worn.

So which ones should I get?
At first it was bubblegum pink but now those leopard ones, thought I’d never say that (let alone wish it), look even better. Hmmm… hard to decide. And the last ones are so cool! But since I’ve got the black ones, I need something more noticeable.

You can get them all at net-a-porter.
Time to shop!

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