All from ZARA and you can get it online (I so love this)

LONG WHITE TRENCH - I wasn’t that much in love until I saw this style on Garance Doré.
And for you, darlings, who ask me about my one piecer – here is something very similar from
ZARA TRF line.

Go on and click it all the way!

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Wonderful, wonderful day I spent with my girls. Thank you M.s & A. I’m in Zagreb for a while, forgive my lack of posting but I’ve been sooo busy : )).
Today we went to BAZAAR and I got back with a bag of goodies -this pink skirt included. I’ve got
no intention of buying anything, I was there for a pre-lunch hang-out, but Ana spotted some crazy good stuff for me (thanks, babe) and I was like …  …OH! OOoo …..
More pics soon.

Enjoy your weekend!

image: Ann The Queen

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Here are some really covetable and really affordable options at COS

Straight to COS online store.

More good news ::::: it’s a MID-SEASON SALE AT COS :::: 50% off

Click some more on COS online store : )

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Consider minimal this spring and if you are armed with these boots! (yes, let us remember again how covetable they are) you can pull it off, well, just about anything.

Style inspiration from the queen of minimalism and impeccably stylish: Jil Sander SS13.

Loving this dotted skirt – oh-so swell dotted pattern and those spring-chic boots in white.

All these goodies can be bought on Jil Sander online store.


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