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to celebrate. Nothing glamorous for me today, nor I have wanted it. I just like this pic and …I wouldn’t mind having these shoes …oh, and ..
Anyway, my celebration is starting now and it’s just past noon. I’m going to town to meet with my dearest friends (sadly, not with all of them). If the old year is ending like this, imagine how good will be the NEW one.

See you all in the next! Thank you so much for following me.

A toast to you all, dearest readers (and to those who wander on these pages):

May the New Year be full of joy and happiness.
(whatever and whoever you wear : ))



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Feels great being in Zagreb these days and the best is yet to come. I’m very busy today, as you can see. I have a lot of wining and dining to do and many friends and family to meet. What else are holidays for?! Hope you’re enjoying yours.

image: photo by Ivy C.

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